Most Frequent asked Questions on SUMP PUMPS are

Q1. Which to buy PEDESTAL or SUBMERSIBLE pump ?

Ans. It depends on one’s specific needs . PEDESTAL is more economical , whereas SUBMERSIBLE pump is quick and efficient but expensive as compared to pedestal.

Q2. What should be the horse power of the pump ?

Ans. Horse power determines the speed of the pump in throwing the water away from the place . If only little or small of water is to thrown away then a pump with small horse power will do the job , but for the places that are prone to the flooding emergencies then one must opt for the pumps with greater horsepower. 

Q3.what should be the size of the sump basin ?

Ans. Having a bigger sump pump is definitely an advantage as in this the pump does not get on and off thus can cool down , which helps in maintaining its longevity . So opting for the bigger basin is an prerogative. 

Q4. What material should be the sump pump ?

Ans. Sump pumps come under variety of options like CAST IRON, STAINLESS STEEL, THERMOPLASTIC. one should opt for something that is strong and durable for the pump to last longer. 



Q5. Can WATER SOFTNER be discharged by sump pump ?

Ans. NO. Water softener has SALT as an ingredient and it can easily corrode metal screws , rubber seals . 

Q6.  Can LAUNDRY WATER be discharged by Sump pump?

Ans. NO. As the laundry water can clog the impeller .

Q7. What to do if DISCHARGE PIPE gets block or Freezes ?

Ans. Unblock or Defreeze as soon as possible to prevent the motor to get overheat.

Q8. Checking VALVE ?

Ans. SHOULD be checked to prevent water from flowing back into pump .

Q9. Using EXTENSION CORD with sump pump ?

Ans. SHOULD NOT be used . Infact plug it into dedicated outlet on a separate circuit.

Q10. IS BACKUP Sump pump necessary ?

Ans. It depends on the place one is living. If the place is prone to flooding or the heavy rain , it is recommended to have BACK-UP as it serves two purposes. a) it can supplement the main pump at the time of heavy rain . b) Serves purpose when the electricity fails.

Q11. Sump Pumps lasting ?

Ans. That depends on the usage of the sump pump . if the pump is continuously in use it will last shorter than the pump that is not so often in use . 

Q12.Generator size for running sump pump ?

Ans. By Multiplying the Ampere of the Pump into Voltage will give you the Watt Usage of the pump . According to this usage you can get to choose your generator.