best sump pump
  • Maintaining the sump pump is essential every year and this examination should be more Frequent  where pump runs more frequently . While examining the sump pump , dirt , debris , gravel should be removed efficiently and effectively so that the life of the sump pump should be extended because these can be detriment to pump’s efficiency to drain out the sump . 
  • Check Valve and Discharge Opening line: should also be examined timely to minimize the chance of any obstruction in it . Small obstructions in these may lead the SUMP PUMP to work hard which eventually would lead to pump getting overheated and further into an failure . 
  • FLOAT SWITCHES : Automatically turns the sump pump when there is rise in water level . it should be clear and FLOAT GUARD must be used . These should be tested periodically to see that they move freely and to check switch contact’s opening and closely . 
  • If left in standing water , pumps should be run manually from time to time so that to prevent them from getting corrosion and those which are expected to remain idle for long duration should be stored out of the water.