• Initially, a pit is dug in the lowest area in the basement which is called SUMP PIT. It is a hole which has dimensions of around 2 feet depth and 18 inches in width. The moment the sump pit is filled with water the sump pump automatically turns on. It helps in moving the water from the pit through the pipes to a place where the unwanted water is not a problem. There is a Check Valve at the pump end which helps in keeping the water from coming back in the pit. So having an BEST SUMP PUMP CHECK VALVE is conspicuous.
  • Sump pump automatically turns on through Float Activator arm which is also called Pressure Sensor . Water puts more pressure than air on the sensors , which helps in the pump getting activated . This is how Pressure Sensor works. On theater hand there is an Float activator It works just like toilet tank . There is an buoyant ball that floats on the water . Another option is buying the Manually Operated Pump which works as per need , but these are not really convenient . On the other hand in Automatic pumps have an option for the user to activate the pump incase the float arm or the sensor fails to work. 
  • Centrifugal Pump is used in usual sump pumps that are used in homes to move water . It causes impeller to turn , causing low pressure area in centre . Turning of the impeller pushes the water through the pipe . 
  • Home SUMP PUMPS are powered by electricity and they use the standard household current so the expense of having any kind of specialized wiring is saved . As the pump usually remains in the water so the best idea is to have the Ground fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) to prevent any electrical accident.
  • The Sump Pump comes under two designs. Submersible Sump pump and Pedestal Sump Pump. The submersible pump remains in the water. When the pump turns on, water is sucked from the grate into the pipes and goes out of the home.
  • Pedestal Sump Pump remains away from the water and does not remain in water even when the pit is fun with the water. As the motor and pump remain out of date, they are usually louder but comparatively cheaper than the Submersible Sump pump.